This week's session is long overdue, to be honest, I thought of skipping it but here we are so let's get started.

I will like to talk about getting help today. This topic I must confess came up because of two different conversations. At a youth meeting earlier this week, we discussed depression and when the speaker suggested talking with people as a means of curbing depression, something unexpected happened. The room that was fairly quiet and had barely interrupted the speaker was thrown into a frenzy with everyone telling her why it was a bad idea. The brief period of chaos was the highlight of the meeting this is because I had the same conversation about a week ago when I published the first session. Therapy Sessions (Regression)

When I published it, I only shared it with two people, a friend turn a brother and an amazing individual I get to call a bestie ( let's not tell her about the compliment). This session is based on a question she asked, "have you thought of speaking with someone?"

In my case just as it is in many cases, the answer is NO.  I count myself privileged to know a couple of counsellors and psychologists however this is the very reason why I've never sort professional help. I know a lot of people will argue that apart from professional help, you can't really trust anyone to keep your matters secret. Trust, I believe is priceless and you need some level of trust to confide in someone.

However, trust is not the only thing, at least in my opinion. I for one don't talk to people because I don't want to open up to someone and have the person ghosting me. I used to think it was absurd but I've come to realise there are a lot of people out there with similar fears. Despite my bias, I must state for the record that talking to someone can bring you the relief you are looking for.

I can attest to this because I've had people who I could confide in growing up. I must admit I didn't see them as so at that time. They are the people who always annoyed me the most, they were always there no matter what I did and often apologised for my rude behaviour. They were not professionals but they were there for me when I needed them the most. It's true some of them haven't spoken to me in a while and some even betrayed my trust at some point but it doesn't matter. I used to make plans for those who will leave and find ways to hurt them but I've come to realise it's unnecessary stress. its not about who stays and who leaves but about your own well being. 

You can't never be assured of who will be there in the future but the truth is talking to someone now will make you stronger and will help you cope or even thrive. In a world filled with fake love, betrayal and hatred, I understand why people have reservations talking to anyone who isn't a professional but I'm also aware of the huge gap that exists when it comes to the patient psychologist ratio. you may never meet a professional but there's always someone there you can talk to besides you are getting worse each day so what is there to lose, talk to someone today.

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