I'm probably the worst friend ever but I guess opposite poles do attract
because that's the only way I can explain how we are friends. 
You are the best friend anyone can ever ask for. Come to think of it, 
this is the first time I've ever admitted how dear you are to me.
I don't compliment you enough and that might not change anytime soon,
monsters have a reputation to keep. 

Today is about you, so enough about me.
I've been thinking of what to say,
I could tell you how beautiful you are,
but a thousand people would have already told you that by the time you read this, 
I could tell you how amazing you are
but that wont be the first you've heard that. 
Truth is compliments on this day is as good as an obsolete software. 

I thought of writing something nice, midway I remembered you are my de facto editor,
I don't want to have the piece sent back to me with my errors highlighted 
besides the first paragraph was full of compliments and we both know your next compliment is in six years. 

Let me try to sum up everything 
I might write a novel if I don't.
I count myself blessed to have a friend like you.
Cheers to the years together and years ahead.

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