Once in a while we try something new, something we are so used to not doing and most often they are the most beautiful we would have ever done.

Being a listener of Worlasi's music, I can tell he is an artist who is much into the topics of politics, violence, societal issues, etc trying to make a point right than love. Once in a while he does a love song (last one I recall "Mawena").
This year, 2020, Worlasi took us from "Skreen Time" where he spoke about how humans get glued to electronic device such as mobile phones to "Comot" where he spot lighted on how we make people or things occupy our minds. 

"Comot" has a simple narrative: a love song where Worlasi falls in an unwanted love and trying to get the lady off his mind but don't seems to be able to get it right, and same thing applies to it's video. 

"Comot" sounds pretty much as a true story and anyone could relate to it at any point in time. 

Watch the official music video below:

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