Many a times we find ourselves doing what we think is right at the moment only to find out later that we were wrong. Sometimes our situation makes us not to have any option than do what's available (wrong), we get fed up and would want to be a better person.

Off "The Eighth Element" by Trigmatic, "Better man" speaks about all which is into it and how one could help oneself to be a better man. On the jazz fused highlife, Trigmatic says, "things wey I dey do, no be things wey I want do. Satan dey, same way prayer dey, I just want to be a better man."
In these statements, he tries to make it clear; there are external forces that influence our daily routine and that one needs to pick the right side so one can be a better man.

Knowing what's wrong and right, he says he is tired of doing wrong and that he is trying to do good "but they say good no dey pay" he adds.
Is it really true that good does not pay?

Trigmatic delivered a stunning body of work which is a part of a whole project (The Eighth Element)
Check out the full album below:

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