Feels like the walls are closing in
The darkness seems to be getting darker
The say there's light at the end of the tunnel but we only seem to be
getting farther away from the light.
We've been in this tunnel for a while, we started strong full of hope
But time has taken it's toll on us and hope has become a luxury.

Speaking of luxury
We dreamt of owning the nicest things in life
We put in the grind expecting everything to turnout fine
We soon came to realise all that we had heard about life was a lie
We've taken a lot of losses and even watched our brothers die
Yet, we are no where close to the light from when we started
Did we miss our way or we just fell for a scam.

They say the future is bright
I wish I could trade a piece of the darkness for the future
I hear my brothers stumble and fall yet I'm unable to help
For any attempt to help will lead me to suffer the same fate
I wish it was different but all we can do is cheer a brother on and hope he rises up again
If not we leave him behind and pray his pain doesn't turn to hate.

I'm scared of the future
Not because I'm surrounded by pain and failure but because I still believe
Yes, I still believe the future is bright and I believe I will be be great.
The question is how do you look your brothers in the eyes after all this is over
How do you go out to save lives when you left your own brothers to rot
Yes we will be successful but at what cost
Will we end up like the wicked men who disgusted us
Are we going to end up as the darkness in the bright future?


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  1. Indeed the light at the end of the tunnel is still not visible


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