Are you also looking to the future ?
Hoping to be present when the robot Age comes?
Wondering how beautiful it will be to own a fully engineered artificial intelligence to do your bidding ?
Well if you are thinking like this then you are one very confused cyborg .
Yes my dear, I just called you a cyborg .
You are already in the robot Age and a very big example of a cyborg my dearest
The so called rich and wealthy amongst us constantly run on fuel filled supplements and beverages to keep going and looking good.
And oh you are not left out too
We keep running on the available system until we are updated by the new trend ,a new dance or a new style of "looking good"
Then we automatically update ourselves quickly and forget what the old ways meant to us
The very few who couldn't get updated are ridiculed and shunned
Our mobile phones and gadgets make us a fully activated cyborg
We are connected by a click of a button and we are constantly updated and rekindled by the next big social media application
It's so amazing how quickly people switch onto these apps and start performing what these apps require of them
Our memories and priorities are no longer stored in our minds but on our devices which we never let out of our sight
I personally experienced a whole week of depression and low energy when I lost my cell phone
It felt like a big part of me had gone missing
My cyborg parts were not working any longer and I felt hopeless
It's a big part of us now and it will only get bigger
So If you are still thinking there are going to be robots walking around on the streets running errands for us in the near future ? You may be right but before you say more , look around you for a sec and see whether you are looking at human beings or cyborgs
If you lost your device then you are cut of the rest of the system and no one knows you , at least they don't know how to communicate to your outdated version .

Your Fellow Cyborg
Uncle Dream ......

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