Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture has over the years proven to be major foreign exchange earner for countries across the world.
Countries that invest greatly in the Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture tend to reap more benefits as it opens up the country to more and more investors.

In Ghana, Tourism seem to be given a face lift after years of neglect and that could be seen in the huge investment into the Ghana Beyond Aid that took place in 2019.
However, although the needed attention is being given to developing some great tourist sites in the southern part of Ghana, some other tourist facilities have been left to rot or have not be given the needed attention it deserves.

This article will look at a few discovered in the upper east some years ago.


The history of slave trade is not an entirely new topic to anyone unless you were born yesterday. Africans during this period were transported by sea to the western world to work as labour in building western economies. It was until after the second world war that Nationalism sparked fire in black to fight for their rights. During the period of Slave trade, private individuals were also engaged in the sale of their own compatriots for money. Pikworo slave camp is one of such private slave camps where slaves were kept for onward transportation to the salaga market where they were sold. At the Pikworo slave camp, which is located a few minutes drive away from the Paga Township, slaves were fed on rocks in which bowls were carved. At the site, a number of rocks which were available at the time were used as shelter, drums for entertainment. Slaves lived at this camp for some few weeks before they are sent to salaga market for onward transportation to the coast where they are sent to countries where they will be needed. The Pikworo slave camp has rich history considering the fact that it was operated by local people who could have spared their own people.


Ghana's first President was an individual who had issues with trust of humans. This was because of the several threats on his life while the President of the country. Kwame Nkrumah has several hideouts across the country where he could have time to his self, ease the pressure and also ward off enemies who wanted his life. One of such facilities is located in Northern Region. The facility is a two bedroom facility with other ancillaries and detached offices is located about three minutes drive from Karimenga, a small community in the West Mamprusi District of the Northern Region. Built with hard blocks and galvanized iron, the building still appears strong with scruffy walls, warn out ceilings and broken Water Closets. The building is currently surrounded by weeds with some portion of the building now serving as the hideout for smokers who smoke and defecate in the edifice.


This Cathedral is located in Navrongo, some thirty minutes drive from the Upper East regional capital.
One might say why does a Cathedral pass as a Tourist site. Well, the Cathedral has some rich history as been the first Catholic Cathedral in Northern Ghana. The Cathedral was built in 1920 but still looks like it was built yesterday.According to history, the Cathedral was built in an area which was described as an evil forest. The Cathedral was built with mud bricks but still stands firm. The interior is decorated with designs that tells stories of the arrival of the missionaries and the struggles they went through before they were finally able to settle.


Tongo is a community in the Upper East Region. The Talensi Traditional area is one of the biggest Traditional areas in the Upper East region of Ghana. The Tengzuk shrine is located in Tongo and a visitor to the area will have to climb the beautiful hills in order to have access the shrine. The rocks in this area are beautifully carved into various shapes and sizes and tell breath taking stories of the lives of the people in the area. Before one is allowed entry into the shrine, it is expected that you take of your shirt and this law is applied to both male and female patrons of the place. The Tongo hills is a must visit scenery considering the beauty nature has created with the rocks in the community.
According to history, the shrine has blessed many homes and have done marvelously a number of things in the lives of the people.

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