“As we all know the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with brand who are already the way you want it “

The fast growing enterprise (cuisine) Ivorian kitchen launches “Ivoire Akyeke”.
“Ivoire akyeke” comes with a well branded and a unique packaging with an affordable rate.
This (ivoire akyeke) product comes with a good production and under hygienic conditions .


Akyeke is a Ghanaian delicacy which is prepared by people in the western region of Ghana.
It originated from nzema tribes
It is made from grated cassava that is fermented,and is flavorful when eaten with fried fish with ground pepper garnished with chopped pepper and onion with a little seasoning for taste added with palm oil to give it a yellowish look and different taste.

One can also eat akyeke with smoked fish and stew.
For more information and bulk purchases contact: 0559700567/0244535404

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