He sat down alone in his all white super comfy couch and thought
He thought about when society saw only uselessness in him
When his dad beat the joy out of him and told him never to play with girls
He told him to get serious because if he grew up a poor man no one will want him
His friends laughed and avoided him because he had no sense of good dressing
He remembered how he couldn't find love or friendship in the opposite either
Beautiful girls were disgusted by his appearance and they looked like they may puke just by the site of him
His mother was the only person who still deemed the lights and pulled the blankets over him when he slept
But that love was not enough and he swore to change
Depression,overthinking and anxiety were his only companions then
The hard bottle was his only advisor and it seemed to understand his predicaments better than anybody
But all that has passed now
He had sold his soul to the devil himself and still managed to escape with riches beyond his imagination
The devil had thought him the ropes at a tender age
He stole and defrauded, sold the white lady and the weed
He killed without remorse because the love inside him died along with his shuttered heart
All he had left was broken pieces of dried up stone hanging in place of his heart like a chandelier
But just like when he had love and joy to share, no one still notices as he has become drowned in dead emotions and pain
All they can see is the physical
His beautiful and expensive outfits and shoes along with his flashy cars
Now he has too many women, even for a demon like him
He beats and maltreat them but they still stay
His elders kneel at his feet and greet him with kindness and royalty
Now he can talk and they all listen attentively
If only they knew how he made his money
The countless lives he has taken and destroyed just to make his money
The burden on his heart and the weight on his shoulders
But no one cares to know and he doesn't want to tell neither
He enjoys using women and the attention from the masses
He is king and he couldn't ask for more
The only person he would have enjoyed taking care of doesn't want his filthy money because she is the only one that still see within him
What he has become
He cared about his mum dearly but no time to crawl back into her arms and beg to stay
He is a big boy now , an alpha dog ,and alpha dogs don't beg
Besides its not his fault Society decided to create a monster


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