Indeed we are not in normal times, for the world has been swallowed up with the " darkness" of this global pandemic of Corona Virus (Covid-19) and has brought many multibillion-dollar companies to their knees. It has to some extent halted the activities of a lot of companies and organizations, contributing as one of the greatest economic recessions ever experienced in the world. For the first time, the world stands together and all everybody says is “ stay safe, stay isolated”. As we continue to battle this pandemic, life goes on for some people whilst for others, it is a struggle for survival especially with the collapse of startups and other businesses, among other things.
Efforts by the government to reduce the spread of the virus have involved the ban on social gatherings, bringing "classroom" work to a halt for the time being. However, the educational institutions have seen a silver lining in the form of E-Learning and as a result, lecturers now engage students via the internet on a platform created by the various schools.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been very devastating for students who fend for themselves and also pay their own fees. This is the case of a couple of students enrolled under the distance education module of the University of Ghana. The University of Ghana Distance Education (UGDE) affords students the opportunity to work and also acquire a degree. 

The halt in business activities has put these students at a disadvantage.
Operation GHS 10,000 for 10 seeks to assist and provide an opportunity for final year students (most especially) who are struggling to pay their academic fees and ultimately provide them with some sort of mental and financial relief. This initiative is spearheaded by  Jeffery Boakye, a final year student studying Psychology and Economics and a team of like-minded colleagues.
Help keep someone's dream alive by donating the little you can to support this noble cause.

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