Rarely do we get an Ep which is promoted and much work is put into it. Today, we bring to you Spiritual Gangsta Ep by the vocalist MzAnda.
The Ep was released in August 2019 and has 6 Songs on it with only one featured artist, K'Swagg.

Track One: Sika
We hear Mz Anda pled to her maker to help her with money. This is showbiz and it is ran by money and creativity. For creativity, she has it so the only thing that is left is the money. So it makes sense when she pray for the "Sika"

Track Two: Mercy
When all you want to do is live a simple lifestyle. and have no problem with anyone, Mercy, I guess is the perfect song with lines like, "I wanna live life like you. No flashy cars and cloths, just simple like you" I guess we can never get the message wrong.

Track three: Poison
"Man you're my poison damn I'm crazy"
Could Mz Anda be in love that she is ready to die for the relationship?
Poison talks about a young lady who has been dating this guy whom is also in a serious relationship with another woman. She finds out the guy has a serious girl and she is willing to let him go but, a little part of her just doesn't want to let her. That is when she realized this guy is going to be her end, he is her poison

Track four: Konkonsa
On Konkonsa we hear her address the issue of gossiping and the spread of false information about a person.
"... Sometimes I don't get our own characters, killing the souls with the things that we say. Killing the spirit with things that we say that does not even concern us..."

Track five: Breathing
Just after addressing issues on gossip and the spread of false information, all She needs now is space to breath even when there are problems and challenges on her path in the show business.

Track Six: Cat walk
Just like every artist: One's in a while you try to tell everyone you are the King or Queen of what you do and Cat Walk was the perfect song she used.
She called upon rapper K'Swagg to make a statement on it and that was the only song on the Ep where she did not mention her name before the song started but she made it known within the song.
Spiritual Gangsta Ep is a well curated project which needs much attention that it is having now.
You can listen or download to the EP in the link below:
Listen: MzAnda—Spiritual Gangsta (Full Ep)

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