The storm wrecked our ship, but we survived.
We started out on a plank
Off course you were a Rose but I was no Jack so I never let go, maybe that's what pisses you off but that's definitely what brought us together
Two strangers but I guess destruction has a way off bringing people together, for never had I dreamed of being this close to someone like you.
We started on a wrong note but we found our rythm now we sing in harmony, we started on a plank but we've built ourselves a raft from the ruins.
We both enjoy our time together but we can't help but say dump things to each other sometimes just to prove we don't care. Ironically there's no one to show how we don't care.
We may never be a couple but we are together now so let's enjoy every moment. We can go our separate ways when we get back to civilisation.



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