Ever been so down the music doesn't move you? those moments when you're so tired family and friends seem......... hold up scratch that, for if you have ever been in that situation you know often you feel like you have no friends at that moment.
I get why we feel down, we wake up each day with our goals on our minds and elaborate plans to achieve them. Sometimes we achieve them at other times we don't and at those moments we feel so down we tend to feel alone.
Why do we always seem to want to be around people, it's your dream and you don't need anyone to believe in it apart from you. They say humans are not meant to be alone, well I'm glad I'm not human then. I'm a monster.

I started writing this piece with the aim of telling everyone how it's cool to be by yourself and everything but midway it hit me.
Is this not the very reason why most folks including you are always down. It's okay to be down, it's okay to be disappointed and it's definitely okay to seek for support and affection.

True weakness is when you are unable to talk to anyone about what you feel. I know a lot of you would say you have no one to talk to but I ask who do you expect to be around when you've spent years acting like you need no one.
Our ego often deceives us making us feel invincible at the top and like any fair-weather friend, leaves us when we are down.

Maybe our choices are why we get sad or maybe my initial thought was right we get sad because we depend too much on people, truth is why we get sad doesn't matter, the fact is we get sad but we also get happy. So reach out to people if you need to or isolate yourself if that's what u need. The goal is to be happy, so like each goal we set, work towards it.


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