Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is real! Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2 (SARS-COV-2) is real!  And it is spreading at a higher speed than we can imagine.
In this global village, eyes have seen and ears have heard about it. All thanks to technology! Yet it is just a rumor to some on the streets going about their daily lives.
It is also just a little harmless virus to the all-superstitious Ghanaian, boldly saying they are protected. Hence take little or no precaution. We say “God helps those who help themselves”, thus emphasizing the need for self-initiative and agency even as we call for Divine intervention.
Some still have the mindset of “Africans being strong” and thus immune to the virus. Others go as far as justifying their disregard for the basic measures like avoiding handshakes and hugs that the virus wouldn't survive the African temperatures. There is no scientific proof that heat levels in Africa affect the rate of spread.

These actions of the ignorant and the superstitious put every one of us in danger. This is a fight for Humanity and not just governments. Governments would put in place suppressive measures or measures of mitigation but for any of these measures to be effective in this warfare depends largely on the cooperation of the citizenry in obeying simple instructions.
This is the time to be each other’s keeper from a distance with the notion that everyone on the streets is a possible carrier of the virus, not knowing conditions he or she has been exposed to.
This is the time for us to ask; “how can I contribute to winning this battle”?
It is said that “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, meaning every little contribution would help and we can do this by;
Educating the ignorant majority in our various communities. Instead of spreading false news with our smartphones via social media, use the phones to educate by breaking down communiques from the officials to be dispersed in basic language, especially our local languages since not everyone understands English.
An example is a message circulating about the country’s first COVID-19 death case not resulting from COVID-19. He probably did not die from COVID-19 but he was declared positive by the Ghana Health Service and the President made it clear in his address that there were underlying health conditions to his case.
It is advised that we stay home if we have nothing important to do outside. While out, let us try to talk to people who are not practicing the safety measures, keeping in mind to maintain our distance for our safety as well as theirs.
Nobody is known for sure to be immune to the virus. Even if immune, one can still be a carrier and hence endanger the lives of the prone so be bold to call on anyone to observe laid down protocols.
Why do I say so?
I visited an MTN branch office on early Monday (March 23, 2020) morning. Before you are permitted entry, your temperature is checked and you are asked to use the sanitizer. That’s great work by MTN Ghana but unfortunately a worker came in and just walked in neither having his temperature checked nor using the sanitizer. I sensed some of the customers registering displeasure and murmuring but none spoke up. I had to ask the security man to ensure the worker did the needful only for him to say he was the Boss (Branch manager). Unfortunately this security man did not know his own life was being endangered by his boss. Thankfully, the manager understood, apologized and did what was necessary. Please let us be bold once we step out of our homes. Soldiers are bold and confident. Let’s be bold!
Armies have various professionals and divisions within but it is in unity and common understanding that they win wars. They fight with a united front and obey orders. Also, soldiers never leave behind their own. This calls for us to watch each other’s six (be our brother’s keeper) and fight together.
The fight against this virus isn’t just of the Government and Health sector.
This is a fight for all; traders, farmers, importers and exporters, teachers, etc.
This is the time for us to be reasonable and not to capitalize. Let’s avoid increasing prices of goods and services exorbitantly. The virus has economic impacts and industries are closing down, stock markets are crashing, casual employees are staying home and many more.
Thus the increase in prices is inevitable but for Government intervention. Since our Government does not have enough resources for economic intervention, please let’s be guided by our sense of compassion when setting prices, knowing everyone needs somebody to survive.
Also we should learn to be understanding and more tolerant of other’s opinions and fears in this war. This is not the time for us to get angry and be complaining just because a fellow trotro passenger decides to buy extra seats for his safety like it happened to a friend yesterday. I encourage us to unite as passengers to fight for public transport operators not to load to full capacity like before and encourage them to also have sanitizers in the vehicles for passengers to use. This is not the time to think of each other as being “too known” or overly protective about their own lives and that of their loved ones.

I hope we all get the understanding that this fight is for all of us and about all of us.
To the all-superstitious or religious Ghanaian, I suggest you stay calm but also work out your survival with fear and trembling by doing what is right.
To the strong man who thinks he is immune, please remember you could be a carrier. Please help save a fellow by doing what is right. Don’t be selfish if you are thinking you are immune.
To the students out there, especially to those in the tertiary institutions, please remember to educate someone on COVID-19 and how just one patient (like Patient 31 of South Korea) could be a threat to the whole nation.
To the businessmen and women please let’s not forget our chances of infection depends on the affordability of our products to our neighbors.
Together we stand. Together we’ll win this war.
God bless Ghana. Long live Ghana!
Edmund E. Terkpernor, 
March 24, 2020, 
Cape Coast.

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