Written by: Seth Panyin Boamah

In every election,There are people who leave their brains behind in the voting booth. Others too push their brains in addition to the ballot papers right into the ballot box and then return home.

Such people become mentally imprisoned politically and it takes another four years for their release and after casting their votes, they are re-imprisoned.

Such individuals never see anything positive about their opponents. They are lovers of negative news. They live in bitterness until there is a regime change. Don't be enslaved by political choices during elections.

Pick up your brain cap and put on. Voting for a political party shouldn't enslave your conscience. Open your eyes widely, critically think and analyse issues and Speak up. Don't be manipulated by political communicators. They cannot bite the hands that feeds them so they have lost their conscience and morals. Wise up hustle-man and free your mind.

Access yourself, If after elections 2016, you have not seen or said anything good about the government or the opposition, then kindly advise yourself because you are showing symptoms. Pick up your keys and imancipate your oblongata.


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