I keep saying the same thing over and over again,but it always leads to an argument. My assertion is simple, " I love you" and "I hate you" means the same thing in the long run. You are probably getting ready to make your disagreement known in the comments box but hold on, why do you think they are different?
Whenever I hear "I love you" or "I hate you" all I hear is a declaration of strong feelings towards a person and an intent to go to extreme length to prove how one feels, but most importantly I hear an announcement of a journey. A journey that ends in pain because in both cases, someone is lost at the end of the journey.
For years I've been criticised for making such claims. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I've just not found the appropriate way of explaining my claim but there's one thing I know for a fact: that's people care. There's always someone who will cater for you when the need arises, unfortunately most people don't realise this because they expect care and support to come from a particular individual or group of people.
I have come to the realisation that care and support can come from anywhere, sometimes strangers even come to our aid when we need help. I understand it is often sad and disappointing when people we trust fail or even betray us but never let anyone deceive you that nobody cares.
I might not be the guy to take advice from when it comes to love and relationships but when it comes to boosting self concept I consider myself pretty good at it. My advice to everyone is this; get a life. It does not have to be the most exciting. Getting a life will reduce your dependence on others. It will also give you something to fight for when you are down.
Secondly, accept the fact that just as people become a part of your life on a regular basis, people will leave your life regularly too. It might not reduce the pain and disappointment you will feel but it will save you time. Time is a limited resource, spend yours wisely.
We all seek to be happy but in life nothing is assured. It's okay to grieve over our losses but let's not forget our gains. Don't focus too much on those who hurt you that you forget those who love and care for you. Be there for those who had your back and even those who didn't "for the best revenge is to be unlike your enemy" (Marcus Aurelius)
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