Once in a while friends suggest to me a song or music project to listen to.
Two months ago, a friend did a similar thing except I could not listen to the project at that moment till recently. Today, I will be listening to the DREAM Ep by rapper, singer and song writer, Baron Nii and as usual, I will tell you what I think about the project.
Nyame bra: First track off the project encourages us to work hard while we trust that God will make it happen. Baron Nii on this song does his own chorus and moved on to do the Rap. Pay: track number two off the project maintains same theme from track one except the angle of view is different. Rapper, Bobby Lee was featured on this one and he spiced it up.
Never let you go had a love story which seems to sound like a true love story. At this moment, you can tell Rap is his play ground. If you never heard any song that's appreciating mothers enough, then, Mama is a song which could fill that gap. He features singer MBO on this one. Surprisingly, this is the first and only song on the project without a rap verse.
When hustle meets creativity and the tackle of social issues, there is the birth of ghetto kid. On this song singer and rapper King Dosty is featured on it and he raise the standard of the song drastically.
Ghetto kid was the last song on the Ep and that been said, the bigger question is, "what do I think about this project?"
Before that, listen to his current sing: No Friendzone

I think this project has street anthems that could catch up with his audience easily. Baron Nii is a creative artist and can work wonders. He also did well with the selection of songs and artists he featured. Big ups to all who made this project a reality.
Listen to the full The Dream Ep by Baron Nii below:

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