You might argue that most people are scared of death but I beg to differ.
I think most people are scared of what they regretted not doing while their life came to an end. This was the result of a hospital survey of elderly men: most of them did not regret what they did but rather the things they could not do, they regret not taking the risk, of not taking that opportunity because they were in doubt.
You see that word "doubt"; while we are scared of the thief that comes at night to steal our belongings while we are asleep, "doubt" has actually stolen the most valuable asset of your life; dream.
Hey, wake up, this universe needs you. Life is only about you getting off the bed, paying bills and that's all. You need a proof of this?, "Uni" which means "one" and "verse" which could be on a song would be giving you "one song" which means you with your dream fulfilled is part of a song everyone is singing and you do not have to ruin it.
You do not have to live the most exciting part of your life on the ground without having to take off.
Pursue your dream, yes you will fall but who is counting.
Remember, only a few will appreciate your process while you are working on your dream, most will appreciate the result so you need to start now, get a plan, focus on achieving it because You cannot go back and make a brand new beginning but you can start now and make a brand new ending.

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