The Police never continued with the investigation. Mum reported the issue to the National police CID, but just before the investigation could start, Jojo was sent abroad.
 The investigation went on, some of Jojo's boys were arrested and jailed.

Things become very tough for Mum and I after the burial of Dad. A lot of people expected me to break down. People were thinking I would have even committ suicide, because of how close I was to my dad and how I had become the object of public ridicule but no,  I have become the direct opposite of what they were thinking. My conscience has fled away with my innocence . My heart hasd all of a sudden become so harden. Anger and revenge filled my soul

Because of how was feeling, I was not paying attention to myself as a lady. I started feeling some strange way. Some times I felt feverish and felt like vomiting sometimes too.
One day mum called me and asked, "Rose when was the last time you had your menstrual circle". I got shocked and told he can't remember. Tears filled the eyes mum. I asked "mum what is wrong"  she quickly wiped her tears and said sweetheart there is nothing wrong. But tomorrow early in the morning we will go and see the Doctor. The next morning, mum sent me to the hospital, only for us to be told that I was 3 months pregnant?. I screamed how could that be. I looked straight into the eyes of the Doctor and said "Doc, tell me you are just joking"
But that was the beginning of yet another sinful chapter in my life. I was in my final year, preparing to write WASSCE. 

My name spread the more. This time people saying I was a prostitute. And that I followed beauty and now this was my end. I planned to abort the pregnancy. I can't carry the baby of Jojo, No! I just can't carry his child, of the guy I will kill if  I set my eyes on. Mum advised me not to do anything stupid and that my life was at great risk. I told myself she was not the one carrying the bastard in her stomach. Sometimes I starve and drink only lime, just to kill the baby. But to no avail.
I went to the doctor to help me abort the pregnancy, but he will not. I told him my story, but he just tapped me on the shoulder and said "Rose, please understand me. Your life is at risk. There is an 85% chance that you will not survive after the abortion. Which I simply can't take". 

I left the hospital very disappointed. I kept asking myself, so no one can feel my pain. I decided to do things my own way. After all, it's my life. I will abort this baby by all means. I went online to look for medicines that will help me abort the baby. I also asked some bad girls in the area to assist me to abort the pregnancy. I skipped school for weeks without the knowledge of mum.

One faithful Friday one of the girls brought me some concoction in a voltic bottle. She took me to the bush and left me there. She said I will have a loose stomach and bleed a lot. So it was not advisable to do it at home, because my mum will know. She then warned me not to tell anybody, that she gave me the medicine. I knew that all was not well. I felt in my spirit that the lady in question was up to something mischievous. I did not trust her. But what can I do? I went to ask for help. And this is the help I got. I defiled my conscience and decided to give it a try.  I told myself, this could be the only remedy to take this bastard out of my belly.

For the first time in a long while, I decided to pray before taking the medicine. And this was my prayer;
Oh God, you know I have been faithful to you.
I served you with all my Heart Lord
So then, why will you allow Jojo and his boys destroy my life?
God, please tell me where I have gone wrong?
Please tell me what I have done to deserve my life been destroyed.
Please, God, answer me. (at that moment my tears become uncontrollable).
Where have I gone wrong Lord?
Lord because you have decided to abandon me, I have also decided to do this. I have to do things my own way.
And please Lord, the same way you were quite when my life has been destroyed, please remain quite like that. Don't judge me. I started to cry heavily. It's as if the tears will take all my worries away.

I cried for a while and then took the concoction. I drunk it all. I did not even feel the taste of the medicine. All I wanted was to get this bastard out of my stomach.
5 minutes later I started to feel pains in my stomach. I started to sweat and vomit. I also began to have a running stomach. I was alone in the bush, I was trying very hard to suppress the pain. I started to bleed also. Even though I was in much pain, I was happy that at least the medicine is working.  In about 15 minutes time, things got out of hand. I started feeling very dizzy and the pain became so unbearable. At this point, I know that I was definitely going to lose my life. I decided to write a short note down for mum........

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