Lyrical dexterity has always been the topic of discussion when industry players meet to discuss who is the best rapper.
Be it in Ghana, Africa or worldwide lyrics, punchline and wordplay play a vital role in every rappers line. It is because of this complied a list of top 20 rappers from Africa based on Lyrical Prowess, Word Play, Punchlines And Current Form Or Status In The Hip-hop Market In Africa And Globally Not Forgetting Of Course Commercial Success Through The Rap Music Genre.


This Top 20 List is not actually based on commercial success through rap music but Lyrical prowess, wordplay, punchlines and current form or status in the hip-hop market in Africa and globally not forgetting of course commercial success through the rap music genre.
This list might raise a lot of discussions in Ghana especially considering how large a fan base Sarkodie has across Africa but let's put that aside and consider these:
We all have come to a conclusion; the best rappers in Ghana list is not valid without Sarkodie and M.anifest but what about the others that make it into the same list. Talking about El, Kojo Cue, Strongman, Medikal, Lyrical Joe to mention a few, why are they not making it into the top African list?
Could it be because they do not have mature punchlines or a poor wordplay?  No, else they won't be making it into such list.
Could it be that Ghanaians are not helping push many Ghanaian songs out there?
Or should we all just put the blame on the industry ?
Comment your thoughts .

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