Every four years in Ghana, the general election is held and a couple of days from now we shall be in 2020. 2020 shall be an election year and the whole country will be plastered in party colors; the red, white, blue of the NPP, black, red, white, green of the NDC, green, white red of the CPP & PNC, red, white of the PPP and a lot more colours from different parties.
What's important is their campaign messages and most importantly how to execute those messages. You should be happy listening to them on your radio or watching them on your TV. You could even be at the durbar ground to catch everything happening live with your naked eyes.
But, while contemplating who you are going to vote for, spare a few minutes of your time to listen to what these artists think about elections, politics and you the voter.

"Debi Debi ɛ be yɛ yie
Debi Debi ɛ be yɛ yie
Na Debi Debi bɛ ba dabɛn?" This is rapper M.anifest questioning the ever so popular saying "Debi Debi ɛ be yɛ yie" (Things will get better) asking when actually will things get better? ("debi Debi bɛ ba dabɛn?")
He moves on, talks about lots of happenings in Ghana and then drops the line "Election time politricks by these novices
They empty their wallets and give us empty promises
How can I trust when you say what you don't do
I vote for you you work for me, that's the cold truth"
This is one of those things you should feature in your thought of deciding whom to vote for.

Debi Debi

M.anifest's song on Boomplay
Hmm, Did your favorite party do what they talked about?

Singer, rapper and songwriter, Worlasi comes to tell us what goes on in the Parliament when Parliamentarians meet to decide what's good for the country, "Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah.
Madam Speaker (speak up) uh huh, the money we chop last year no dey catch madam, e lef one year we go lef. As e catch madam. This election I no get vim we go chop.
Madam Speaker (speak up) the road for do for Lapaz, plan say we go delay am by 6 months. 6 months catch you go like make I add 4 months?  (Do am please).
Madam Speaker, the tax I hear people talking,
Them dey craze, we for start tax demma walking for those hawking. After tax demma talking.
What of jogging?
You be smart, add jogging herh check your momo, tax demma oxygen.
Madam Speaker, eerh Sorry I just bed tin up.
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah."


Worlasi's song on Boomplay
Hold on just yet, have you thought about yourself? Don't point fingers yet
"See the speck in your eye no dey point finger
What about the really greedy politician
Acting like he really cares for the layman
And what about even you voters, wey dey act like say you only see two jokers
Recycle the same corrupt men, later you complain you say you hate the government. "

I have decided to ignore the first line since I talked about it in M.anifest's Debi Debi.
The question is "Are you going to recycle the same corrupt men and then complain again?"

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