"When given the choice between being blind or being deaf? Do you know what most people choose? Take a guess: They choose to be deaf.
It's not breaking news right? I mean to choose the eyes is such an easy decision so it baffles my mind even though we cherish our eyes, so many people live without having a clear vision."
Few hours from now we shall be in 2020 and you will be making your new year resolution. Let me tell you this; once you make them, once you set a vision, be ready to hit the road alone and accept help when one is available else do it yourself.
It's scientifically proven that no two different people's eyes (iris patterns) are the same so your vision might not be seen by that expert you want to depend on to confirm your vision or unique talent.
You want prove, read about the man who was fired because the newspaper thought he had no imagination or original idea; Walt Disney
Or about the lady whose singing coach told her she would never be a singer because she her voice breaks too much; Lady Gaga.
The thing is, "Eyes that look are common but eyes that can truly see are rare," so as you make your new year resolution, as you set your vision, make sure you hit the road of doing it yourself.


  1. Great.In as much as you have new year resolutions, you should also have clear goals and plan to achieve them.


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