This year has been an amazing one with dope songs and projects coming from artists.
These last quarter has equally seen great projects from artists and we would like to draw your attention to those that caught our attention.
In no particular order these are the top 4 projects that caught our attention:
1. Wanluv the Kubolor- Red Card: The Minstrel Cycle
If there is one thing Wanlov has been consistently great at, it is his continuous mission to steer our minds – and our eyes- towards the shenanigans of our political leaders, often carried out unapologetically and in broad daylight since the 1950s. Wanlov has a knack at presenting various instances involving our politicians who obfuscate our national progress. He does not hold his tongue on the docility of the Ghanaian at tolerating – and most often forgiven of those in power either. Wanlov is the proverbial blacksmith who continues to hammer the same spot on a metal, not to destroy it but straighten it into a desired shape. Read more

Red Card: The Minstrel Cycle

Wanlov the Kubolor's album on Boomplay

2. Worlasi- WORLA (The man and the God)
On his third studio album, Worlasi does not only push the boundaries of his creativity. He, along with Senku Live, crafted a living album fit for live performances. Read more

The Man & The god

Worlasi's album on Boomplay

3. Kojo-Cue- For my Brothers
There comes along an album which defines a generation, not only in terms of the cadences or punchlines but the message within the music. In a year where most mainstream rap albums failed to meet expectations; most of these releases felt more like collections of singles rather than cohesive, well-curated body of work. “For My Brothers”, by Ko-Jo Cue is a perfect example not only of how an album must sound, but how it should be curated; in terms of sequencing, transitioning and features. Read more 

For My Brothers

Ko-Jo Cue's album on Boomplay
4. M.anifest- The Gamble
How does an artiste navigate the realm of social media in this 21st century when the expression of feelings by fans happens in real time? Unlike the days before social media where the badgering of artistes were done by journalists and through fan mails, lately, the outpouring of emotion is done right in the artistes face.

M.anifest has tasted the upside and downside of fan inquest regarding the release of a new project, one he has been assuring his fans to expect. The barrage of ‘harassment’ by some fans is, to an extent, reasonable. The rapper has not released any new body of work since 2016’s ‘’Nowhere Cool’’. Again, the month of December is upon us and fans need new music to rock with as the countdown to ‘’Manifestivities’’, his annual December concert approaches. Read more

The Gamble

M.anifest's album on Boomplay

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