They kept leaving, so I kept shouting the same thing, over and over again I screamed "Stay with with me"
The pain was too much for one man so I withdrew from society with the hope of finding solace
In isolation, I sought peace
but with peace came a realization
First was that noise, a sound I had grown accustomed to, yet today it sounded so out of place
I had never given it much thought, I always considered it a part of my environment,
But today I wonder what is creating the noise and where it emanates from.

They say curiosity kills the cat, well this cat learned that the hard way
With enthusiasm, I sought an answer but with the answer came great sorrow
All along I've been on a train.
How foolish I've been.
Stuck in my coach I thought I had explored the world, I let the partition deceive me
I thought of it as the end of the world not knowing it was rather the entrance

Oh what a fool I've been
I've been transiting through the lives of people yet I blame them for leaving
So here I stand at the end of my world and the beginning of the real world
Do I get off and start a new life where I find myself or do I go back to all the lives I transited through, or should I just continue this lonely ride


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