I am not broken-hearted
No, I'm not.
What wrong did I do by caring so much?
What wrong did I do by trying to order your steps through the right path?
I have just been a fool for your love.
All I get is pain at the end of the day.
What could it be that I've done wrong?
Why go the hard way on me?
Am I not worthy enough?

I am not broken-hearted.
No, I'm not.
Probably life is just throwing me into curveballs to make me a stronger and better person that I chose to be.

I'm not broken-hearted.
Sorrow and bitterness were mixed (together) for me to drink.
As blind as I was, I lacked the sight to see.
Scanning through the images of love but I didn't get the right picture.
You claimed to be there for me forever not knowing that forever was never.
What wrong did I do?
You were my smile and sunshine, the reason why I had no friends.
We've been through a lot and what I'm left with now is tears.
I don't want to pour my emotions in this because if I do; my body will be set to motion.
I thought I loved an angel but little did I know you'll ascend to heaven soon.
Little did I know that things will turn around.
I found a new love who has intoxicated my life with joy.
He made me flow; flow like the waters.
And his name; Jesus.


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