Cringgggg! Cringgg! Crinngggggg!!! Bena!
Yeah right, its morning again. Taping the bed to reach my phone, I sat up and unplugged it from charge. It read Tuesday 2nd September; First day of Second Semester.
So soon the vac is gone and it’s time for another academic fiesta with all the chills, stress and fun sides.
The alarm rang again coinciding with Mums screaming in the doorway.
Bena! wake up now! Else you will be late.
Smiling I got up and thought out loud if mum is such a good alarm why do I keep setting the one on my phone. LOL, Question for another day.
 Mum promised to drop me off at campus if only I finish early so lemme hurry.

On-campus, the atmosphere seems not to have changed much. Just a few renovations and repainting of old buildings in line with the upcoming anniversary. Apart from that, same old faces, slay queens, wannabees*, prim proper students and some of us who are a bit of everything. Haha.
First two classes were quite ok, introductions and course outline. One more then I'll be done for the day. Checking my phone trying to figure out where my next class is, I noticed him sauntering confidently in my direction. Voow this is fine! I pretend not to have noticed but I keep stealing glances damn he is fine one of those you see and acknowledge the creator's handiwork.
 Well, hope to see you soon.

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