Dear Mr You know yourself 
My country is flourishing, heard this yourself ? 
An ever flourishing economy 
May I plead with you Mr You Know Yourself 
Will you please not , try to create a war 
Amongst my people ? 
I heard you can create an internal chaos that could manifest into hate 
Dear Mr You Know Yourself 
Will you not slow us down by causing an epidemic
I heard you could bring a whole continent to its knees with a drop of chemical 
You have used HIV and Ebola to our witness
Dear Mr You Know Yourself 
What business do you have turning the people against their hardworking leaders 
And even more so providing troops to fight 
Dear Mr You Know Yourself 
You may not disturb our elections with comments 
Or try to compare it in anyway to your idea of a good standard 
The people of my country prefers a rather simple sexuality 
Mr YKY why not let us explore in peace 
What right do you have to choose our standard of sexuality 
Dear Mr YKY you have already done so much for the world 
Keep the rest to yourself and until we ask for help 
Dear Mr You Know Yourself 
My people are constantly calling upon the God you left us and yet you are planning to leave earth and settle on Mars one day 
So you don’t care if your technology destroys your God’s creation 
Dear Mr You Know Yourself 
Only you alone Knows Yourself !!

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