Always the silent one, always by himself
Everyone kept telling him to get more involved
He was never spiritual enough because he was gentle, unlike the others
Never to shout or join in the noise at religious gatherings
He wasn't "cool" either
All he ever wanted was to stay at home, never extravagant
They were all too busy telling him what he wasn't and assuming what he was
He was the talk of the town yet no one ever listened to him
When he withdrew from society, some said he was full of himself others joked he was a Dbee

Ooh ye "cool" hope you are happy now
Like the chains dangling from your neck, he dangles from a tree branch
Guess he finally caught up with your trend
I guess he has attained the spiritual feat you kept pestering him about
Cos he no longer is physical
Hope you can now celebrate, you finally got him to be spiritual

Why the long faces, too "cool" or too "spiritual" for your liking
Now you celebrate him for his "uniqueness" the same thing you criticised him for
It amazes me how all of a sudden you are aware of the different temperaments and which one he belonged to
It ironic how that didn't matter earlier
It doesn't matter anyway, you've already killed him.

Author: Prodigium


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