Kojo was a very promising kid. Adored at home and in school. His level of intelligence surprises even old people.
We all knew that Kojo would be a very great and powerful person in future. Kojo was brilliant to the point that even if he absents himself from school the whole term and comes to write exams, he will still be first. Kojo was just good. He was also very good at solving problems. As kids, even though we were older than him, Kojo was still the person we all looked up to. I sometimes hear people older than Kojo say if they grow they want to be like Kojo.lol.
 Kojo was adventurous and liked to try new things.

Now we are all grown now. We are in our forties and are busily building our own families. But the surprising thing now is Kojo. The very guy we all wished we were, now the person we all warn our children not to grow and become. Hmmm, that sounds like a complete opposite of his childhood. Please don't ask me why. 

Kojo is now the worst among his peers. He begs to bearly feed himself. Our dear Kojo is now a PhD holder in Alcoholism. A master drunkard. The last time I saw him, he looked as he had even started smoking. Kojo has sold his father's house just to spend the money on Alcohol. The shock sent his mum to her early grave. 
Wow-what a world indeed. Our yesterday's Hero is now our Zero.

I sat under the mango tree in my house thinking about life. Our childhood life just popped into mind. Now Kojo was the centre of my thoughts. I was asking myself why has life dealt with him badly like this.
My eyes were closed as I tried to find answers to my questions.
I then started to remember what actually might have been the cause?

Kojo's dad was very troublesome those days. He was rearing animals in the estate that we lived in. Everybody complained about how the animals will come and destroy their things in their homes, yet Kojo's dad will not even give a f*ck.
He was always seen fighting with all the neighbours in the estate.

Kojo was their only child and his mum just worshipped him. Kojo's dad liked to boast with his son's intelligence. He could insult everybody in the estate and ask them who's son is as clever as his.
One day my dad even passed a comment that got my mum angry. And he had to apologize for weeks. My angry dad frustrated by Kojos dads words said the man does not deserve a son like Kojo. And that Kojo was supposed to be his son. And that was it,my mum was angry.

One faithful day Kojo was in my house playing. When his dad's goat entered our compound and started chewing our maize. Angry Kojo took my Catapult (rubber tie) and threw it against the goat. He targeted the head and hit the spot. I clapped for him because it looked like the boy was better than me in almost everything.

Later that evening the whole estate was on fire.
Kojo's stone burst the left eye of the goat. And that was what spark the mighty fire in the estate.

Kojo's father took the goat around his neck through the estate and started cursing.
The man really said a lot of things. Like the one who did this will suffer. Will give birth to blind children and cripples. He said Life will be very painful for the person and nothing the person does will succeed. He said the personal life will be worse than even a mad person. And that the person will suffer and even wish for death but will not get it.

My mum tried to tell him to be patient and know the person who did it first. But this man will not listen. He even pushed my mum away.
Kojo was afraid to tell his dad, that he did it. As kids, we all played down on the words of the man and kept our little secret to ourselves.

Now the curses of his dad have come to pass. Kojo has 3 kids. 2 of them are blind and the only girl a cripple
Kojo's dad thought he was cursing people outside his family, not knowing he was killing the great future of his beloved son. And he the dad is also receiving the benefits of his curses.
 Kojo's dad in his eighties is now at their hometown suffering from a stroke. He is even more miserable than his son. No one to cater for him. He wishes to die, but death has closed ears to his call.

Please let us watch the words that come out of our mouths. Especially Parents. For our words are sharper than a two-edged sword. It could build and also destroy. Just like Kojo, a lot of people are suffering because of words that their parents or people said against them.
Kojo's dad has destroyed the promising future of his son. Just because he was impatient and was not careful with his words.
 God richly bless you.


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