Mr Gati is a blessed business man who owns Gat Oil company the operators of Cash Oil, Star Oil and Paradise Executive Resort.
He is a Christian and a very proud member of Church of Pentecost despite is achievements as an individual, Mr Gati is a great individual with a very kind hard and have very high respect for people.

As a business man and a philanthropist, Mr Gati also dedicate some of his time and resources into doing God's work and giving lots back to society by helping and supporting some needy people in society.

Very recently Mr Gati was a guest at the retirement church service held at Ashaiman Area at the Church of Pentecost for Apostle PK Ennin who have dedicated his whole life doing God's work a impacting lives through the preaching of the word of God.

Mr Gati surprisingly mounted the podium and said, he is going to gift the newly retired faithful servant of God a brand new V8 2019 model to the glory of God, this may appear as a surprise to many but this is really something from a Man who understand what it is to do the work of God and willing to encourage people like the retiring Prophet to do God's work in good faith and diligence.

Mr Gati has a lot of ideas and always willing to do the things that really would make valuable changes in the society in which he finds himself, he may not appear to be one of the loudest individuals around but his bold personality has a lot to say about him and may all his endeavors remained blessed by God Almighty

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