Driving through the busy Aburi mountain where people come from all walks of life to gather at Ayi Mensah in a quest to keep fit by climbing the Aburi mountain is just intriguing and scene that tells you a story of how important the Eastern region is to the development of our nation.

Nonetheless, these just explain why PPP records teamed up with Spiritans to have a sensational music tour in the most green and refreshing region in the Country.

Judging from the Vibrancy of entertainment and showbiz in the Greater Accra region, you would realize there are lots of questions about how vibrant the Eastern region appear to be when talking about entertainment and showbiz, then I share my experiences as a writer who witnessed three amazing female acts glittering and lightening up the whole region as they toured to sell to the people what it is that their talent is (Music).

Euni Melo together with Queen Haizel where on 4 mediums I witnessed, these stations where
Eastern FM - Koforidua
GBC Sunrise FM - Koforidua
Rite FM - Somanya Bryt FM - Koforidua
Where these ladies exhibited great sense of humor and solid display of talents that got the whole region fired up and demanding for more.

I only had an opportunity to witness Eno Barony on 2 platforms, Radio 1 Fm and Bryt FM and the euphoria built was just great.

You may be thinking what I am thinking, thus why the Eastern region?
Well if you look at the history of the region, you would realize some of the biggest music brains, hail from that region. Despite many moving away to pursue the craft away from home, it doesn't change the fact that music in the East is the real deal and grabbing your chance to be there to sell your music is just perfect opportunity but the subject matter that scared me was how the listeners called through the shows to show their excitement towards the delivery of these 3 great talents then I begin to wonder if they yearn for more of such females bringing to them good music and interesting revelations.
Is that something the region lack?
Well its very important to take such initiatives to help expand the territories of your fanbase and brand identity.

Written by: Mixtic

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