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Painting is a means of telling a story, expressing yourself and also a major source of income. It might look glamorous from afar but it needs a lot of time, effort, sacrifice and dedication. If you want to succeed as a painter, brush aside the thought of money. This is not only because you will need all the passion and motivation you can get but painting is not some get rich scheme. You may not get the recognition you deserve and in such times, it is your passion that will drive you. Practice makes a man perfect, spend lots of time practising your craft if you want to be great. There are also lots of amazing painters making videos for YouTube that you can learn from. There are also lots of courses available online. If you can't afford a paid session take your time and search for a free one. Like every craftsman, you need tools to apply your craft. You can start with cheap supplies and improve on them as your income increases. Note that the supplies don't make you a better artist but how much time you invest in your craft. Finally, have a goal and work towards achieving it. You must have love, passion and a lot of patience because things will not come as easy as you want them to.

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