I know, I might not seem your type.
But here we are, can't you give it a try?
If truth be told, I've been Lost most of my life...
I'm the bird with the broken wing.
All I'm looking for is Love...
Aren't you looking for the same thing?
I wouldn't hurt you...
For I've been hurt before.
Went to battle, but I lost that war.
Now, I hope I ain't scaring you off...
It's just, I don't want to get hurt no more.
Knock knock,
Can you let me in..?
I've been standing awhile at this door.
Only asking.
Here I am, just wondering...
Can you let me in..?
It seems, if you can't hear me..
So I'm asking again,
Can you let me in..?
Listen, Love doesn't ask,
it just happens.
Here we are,
So what's happening?
Can you let me in..?
Its cold out here.
I'm freezing.
I'm stabbed and I'm bleeding...
But I know you can start my healing.
I'm feeling for you,
I'm thinking of you...
A wise man once told me,
"That's how it starts.."
Can you let me in..?
Can't you hear me...?
I said, your Heart.
Knock knock,
Can you let me in..?

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