I wanted to speak. But words will just not come. Tears formed in my eye. I walked towards my HD. I spoke out her name softly. But she will not even look at my face. I begged to be given the chance to explain my version. I said even if she does not believe me,she should just hear me out.

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My HD was crying heavily as she ran into the arms of her mum. My friend Dennis was thanking them for coming to his rescue, and said I would have killed him if they hadn't come out. I stood there and watched my friend in dismay.

HD's mum asked me to leave their premises. The 3 of them walk into the house.

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I couldnt sleep the whole night. My heart was on fire. Sending a lot of messages to HD to try and explain things to her. I realized my line was blocked.

The next day I quickly dressed in one of HD's favorite cloths and went straight to her work place. I got there as early as 5am. The place was locked so I had to sit with the security guard till the secertary came around 8am. She ushered me to the reception and asked if everything was okay. I smiled and said yes. She then asked if she should call HD and let her know am around. I quickly said a big NO, I have a surprise for her. She smiled and said , Sir I always pray to get a guy like you oooo. I smiled back. Saying in my head if only she knows whats going on. She wont be saying that.

HD came around with My Friend Dennis. This is actually getting serious I said to myself. I instantly got angry and wanted to go out and beat the hell out of my friend. But I had to maintain my cool.

I patiently waited for them at the reception. They got in and when Dennis eyes met mine, he quickly panicked and asked HD if he should call the police.

HD said she wanted to hear me out. She told Dennis to excuse us. I could clearly see my friend was worried. He went closer to HD and said "Are you sure".

HD took me to her office and we spoke at lenght. I knelt and held her leg. I said to her looking straight into her eyes " you are my Heart Desire, the Love of my life". Queen is just a mistake and nothing is between us.

She said she wants to meet Queen and get to determine the truth of what I was saying.

I said a big yes to her. And asked her when she wants to have that meeting. She said to me with tears in her eyes "if I find out that you are lying to me. I will marry your Friend Dennis" i immediately stood to my feet and said hell no. I asked if Dennis was interested in her. She confessed that Dennis has been making advances at her. My heart jumped. I asked her since when? She then said for long. Long before I met her at Dennis birthday party. My eyes were wide opened. I was shocked. So why didnt you tell me when I asked?. She said Dennis begged her not to. That it could affect the friendship between us. Now I was getting the picture clearer. Queen was right.

Now I knew I had to tell HD the genesis of the whole story. How I met Queen and the role Dennis played in trying to set me up. I asked HD to leave her work and follow me to a cool quite place, where we could talk. She agreed. I was just praying thanking God in my head  for such opportunity.

I took her car key and drove her car. Now we were talking normal and I could feel my HD still loves me after all.
Not long HD's mum called her and said there was an emergency at home and that she should come right now. HD's dad had not been feeling well lately,so that was what we were all thinking was the cause for the call. I quickly changed directions towards HD's house and sped off.

Upon reaching the house,  we saw Queen in tears in the house. She was crying and shouting to the extent that even someone by the road side could hear her.

HD's mum said I should leave the house, with an angry face and tone. HD held me and said mum he is going no where. I have heard him and I beleive him.

Her mum said yoo. Just listen to what this young lady has to say and be there saying you believe the devil.

My heart, tears formed in my eyes. I wish I could make Queen die instantly to prevent her from lying.

Queen brought out her knife again and said she wants to kill herself and her baby. Queen said I have impregnated her. And that she was 3 weeks pregnant.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. Tears started to drop from HD's eyes. She turned to me and and said King say something. My eyes were clouded with tears. My mouth was opened but no words came out. HD started to shout King please say something. I managed to say it was not true. I told HD Dennis and Joe are my witness. I told HD nothing happened between Queen and myself. HD took her phone and called Dennis. I called Joe because am not sure Dennis will speak the truth.

HD told Queen to sit down and relax.  she assured her that if it happens that what she is saying is true, she will leave me for her. Even if it means killing herself.

In no time at all Dennis arrived.
HD told him the issue and asked what he knew about it.

Dennis collaborated Queens side of the story. He said I even begged for his room to use in hosting Queen. Because I was afraid she HD might pop in.

Queen brought some edited videos and pictures of her on top of me when my top was off. She Brought pictures of she and I kissing to prove her point. The pictures were taken from Dennis rook

HD tears started flowing like a river. I know its over for me.

I knelt down to beg. I held her legs, before I will even open my mouth HD slaped me. I was not even worried about the slap at all but her pain behind slap. I was telling her it was a set up by Dennis to get her. But obviously she wont listen to me. She said King its over between us. She said if I still have any human part in me,i should be responsible towards Queen and my new born baby.

I told her, its her I love. HD told me if i should come any close to her ever again, she will kill herself. Her mum said she was going to call for my arrest if she hears that I got anywhere close to her daughter. I got up and gave Dennis a hand shake. I thank him and told him he has indeed been a wonderful friend.  Nobody was ready to listen to me. And with those pictures Queen brought, I knew it was impossible to convince HD that nothing happened between Queen and myself.

I stood up and left. Queen followed me out. I could hear her thanking HD and her mum.
She met me at the gate and wanted to hold my hand. I gave her the death kind of eye. She understood that I will kill her if she tries to hold my hand.

My own room became uncomfortable for me. Days have gone by. But still I just can't be myself. I tried calling HD but it looks like she has blocked my line.
2 weeks later I heard that HD was in a relationship with Dennis. And that they were planning to get married. Queen also continues to pop up every where I go.
I couldn't take the heat again I had to relocate to another region to see if I could find peace.
Its been 2years now. I have not heard from HD. I just can't feel anything for any lady. I have a lot of ladies crushing on me, but I can't feel anything for them. HD is my soul mate and I have lost her. Hmmmm lost her to nobody than my own friend.
I can't blame anybody than myself because....

1. Nobody chose my friends for me. I chose them myself.

2. My friends did not hold a gun to my head to go and hit on Queen. I choose to display my ego as a man. And claim the hero.

3. I could have been honest with my HD from the beginning. I decided to hide Queen from her.

So you see, I could have avoided this great misfortune by just disciplining myself. So my dear readers this was how I lost my soul mate.

Watch out for the end of Dennis.

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