I faked a smile and said cant the king play with his Queen again? She smiled back and said I know you are joking because it will only mean death if it happens to be true.

The Past 2 weeks have not been easy for me at all. My every move was calculated. Even the air I breath was not left out. Queen is somehow taking my attention. Am always making excuses for not having time for HD.
The most shocking thing is she always believes the lies I tell her no matter how ridiculous it sounds.
Christopher Martins song Oh Lord don't let me cheat on my girlfriend became my daily prayer. Because I just can't imagine what the result will be if I get caught.

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One hot afternoon Dennis called me to come to his house. I tried soo much to try and give him reasons why I can't leave work. But Dennis kept saying its an emergency and he urgently needs my presence. I had no choice than to forgo my duties at work and rush to the aid of my friend. Upon reaching his house, I realize the house was Quite.
There was nobody in the house. I sat in my car and called Dennis. He picked and said I should come in. His voice sounded very off. My heart jumped, "is my friend hurt or paralyzed". I quickly got out of my car without even locking my car. I got to the room on to realize the whole room was dark. I was quite familiar with the room so I located the switch of the light and me on it. Only to realize Queen was standing right in front of me in a very hot seductive wear. My heart jumps out of me. I had to actually hold myself not to scream. The whole room has been decorated with flowers. I wanted to get angry. I said in a low angry voice "what's the meaning of this". She walks towards me and planted a deep kiss on my lips. This girls kiss has a way of driving me crazy. I want to push her away but I was rather returning the kiss. I held her so tight that not even air can pass through us. For more than 10 minutes we were kissing caressing. I seemed lost in the act. Only for the image of my HD to drop in my head.
 No, I can't do this to a lady that loves me with her whole heart. I managed to gain control of myself and to push her back. I said softly please stop! This is not right. This is so wrong.
She started to take off her top. She said to me "Today I Queen surrender myself to my King. My whole body is yours, my king. Do with it as you please". Blood started rushing through all my veins. Queen was only left in her undies. Her body will simply drive you crazy. What a curve. Wow!!! God please come and save your son. I decided to look away and rush out of the room. She quickly held me and said my king, today you must taste your Queen. I told her I did not want to take advantage of her. I told her I respect her and will not want to take what I have not gained ownership of.
She put her finger on my lips and said please speak no more. For the more, you speak the more you make my fall deep in love with you.
I have been with a couple of guys but none is half compared to you. King you just the guy of my dreams. I will destroy the world just for you. I wanted to talk, but she placed her finger on my lips again.
Everything in me has surrendered to this seductive creature. My heart beat can power the Akosombo dam. I was torn in between good and bad.
Should I just let go of myself and enjoy this beautiful body? Before I can say jack, Queen took off my shirt and then my belt. I stood still and watched not knowing what to do.  She placed a kiss on my lips and pushed me to the bed. She took off my trouser and jump on me. In this case, I have become the lady and she the guy.
I have lost all my strength and can't even say anything. She began to kiss me so passionately and it was as if we were on the planet Mars. The name of my HD flashed up again. And a strong judgement from my conscience. I pushed Queen aside took my things and run out of the room in my undies into my car. I quickly locked all the gates. And began to pant heavily. I can still hear her call my name. King, you can't do this to me. No man on earth has rejected me before and you can't reject me. I quickly wore my attire and drove off like am carrying a dying person in my car.

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I have to admit I have changed a little towards my HD. I was really preventing her from touching my phones etc. Because I don't want her to know about Queen.
 And HD was getting a little worried about my off behaviours. But as usual, she thought I was having a lot on my mind. So she kept telling me to share my problems with her. That she will even kill to ensure I was alright. Awww such a gentle soul. Hmm.
I just have to man up and put an end to Queen. I rather face the wrath of Queen than lose my HD.

One day I have the plan to make the big decision. I took  Queen to a very romantic location. I told myself she deserves better than I phone call breakup. After all, she was minding her own business before I (we) went to engage her. So she was right to think I was interested in her. I took her to Jayden's Palace. I arranged for a romantic table by the poolside.
It was time, I got to her gate and blew my horn. Thinking she will come out. Only for the security guard to open the gate and usher me in. I drove straight into the magnificent Mansion. There she stood looking very splendid and hot. She opened the door of my car and asked me to come out. She said my Parents wants to see the gentleman that has stolen the heart of their one and only daughter. Had no choice than to follow her inside. This is really getting out of hand. I went in with her to a very big hall. The decorations of the room were massive. She leads me straight to her parents. Her parents were smiling when they saw me. The mum was like my daughter you have a good eye just like myself. Dad asked of my name and profession and I mentioned them. He said gentleman Queensta is our only daughter and you know what that mean if you break her Heart. I can now smell real trouble coming. But all the same i have to clear things up today.
Queen had no idea what was in my mind. Innocent Queen put on her best of outfits. She was looking very very splendid and very happy. You can easily feel her inner joy.
I drove Queen in my car, and she will just not stop saying how happy she was. We got to Jaydens palace and we were ushered to our table. Queens amazement increased. She hug me tightly and said king u simply the best. I kept maintaining my fake smile whiles my beat was increasing.
In the nicest way possible, I told her that I had a girlfriend, I love soo much and can not leave her for anything. I told her she was beautiful and any man will kill to have her, but I was already for someone. Come and see tears. It was like rains for months. I really felt bad. Queen said she will not leave me for anything. It was really terrible. I managed to dodge her for weeks.

One fateful Saturday morning I heard a knock on my door and thinking it was my HD I came out in my boxer to open the door. To my surprise it was Queen. I looked very surprised and shocked. Because she does not know about my house. She had tears in her eyes. She mentioned my name softly "King". I couldn't even reply. I was shocked. She called like three times and I still stood still looking into the air. Then she started crying again. And all I heard was I will kill myself. She brought a knife out. I could tell that the girl was really serious.

So I then responded to her call and asked her to give me the knife. She refused and held the knife strongly. I grabbed her by the waist and took her inside. I knelt down and was begging her not to. I was shouting "Queen" please I beg. All I could hear was a big yes.

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I was surprised so I lifted my head to watch, only to see HD standing right at the back of Queen. I also didn't see any knife in Queens' hands. Queens' face was of no tears. She was shouting yes, yes, yes. I was speechless. Tears started to drop from the yes of HD whiles Queen started to take off her clothes. I couldn't watch into her eyes. I promised her I will never make her cry. I have broken my promise.

She opened her mouth but no words came out only tears.

I rushed towards her. But she runs very fast out of my room and I run after her.

I didn't even mind that I was only in my boxers. I saw her run into the arms of someone who stood by her car. I didn't mind at all I still run to them. Only to realize it was my friend  Dennis

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