I was enjoying the fame but my heart was restless.

I got to know that this lady was called Queenstar. But said she should be called  Queen.
Dennis quickly said this calls for a celebration. And Queen said a big Yes. She brought out he phone and called two of her friends to come join us. We went straight to a beautiful place call Jaydens palace,few minutes drive from micheal camp.

We took the whole of the coldroom to ourselves. And in the absence of a proper word let me say it was fire works. You can imagine. Everybody was having fun except me. I was torn into two parts. My case was a totally reverse of the popular saying "The spirit is willing but the body is weak". In my case the body is willing but my spirit was restless.
I lost count of the many times Queen kissed me. My lips has only been for one person my HD.
Queen could feel i was slightly not comfortable. She asked 'are you okay my King'. I will forge a smile and said ofcos am alright.
I realized Queen was getting too emotionally attached to me. So I pulled my friend Dennis aside and told him am worried and I dont want Queen thinking I am her boyfriend, because I already have my HD. He told me to relax and that they have everything under control. So I shouldnt spoil their moment for them. He infact accused me of being selfish.
The gals really spoilt us. All manner of stuffs happened that evening in the coldroom. We later learnt that Queen just came down from the states.
My Phone will not stop ringing. My HD have been calling and texting me. She was worried. Asking if I was alright. I could feel her emotions attached to the messages.
At 11pm I had to tell them I have to attend to an emergency. Dennis and Joe shared the other gals among themselves. Each was going home with their partner. Queen also wants to follow me. I had to forge a lot of things for her to believe it was not the right time to follow me home.
She kept insisting that she wants to spend the night with me. I finally told her I come from a very straight home. And I live with my parents. They will embarass us if I should take her along.
So I promised getting a private place where we could be together without any bothering from my parents. She will not accept unless I kiss her for 3minutes. That was a fair deal for me.

I quickly took a taxis home only to meet HD sitting at my gate in those plenty mosquitoes. Immediatly I got down she rushed to me and hugged me tightly. She said "baby you got my worried".
I asked her, why she didnt get into the room since she had a spare key.
She said " I want to be the first to see you before even your gate see's you😊". That touched the inner part of my Soul.. I really felt guilty. Here she is killing herself for me whiles I was out there fooling myself.

 She took me inside and to my surprise food was ready. My dinning table was dressed with rose. And a piece of paper that that said "God I know you will bring my baby back to me safely to come and taste my delicious meal. Oh God is this Girl and Angel?
My phone started to ring and guess who..................... TBC

King Machris

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