Many are empty and hollow,
Many have no direction to follow
Many are filled with sorrow
Cos our society have lost the hope to hallow
And not a morsel of piety left to borrow
All because we live without Allah.

Many are the gays who bleach,
Many are the thieves and butchers on the street
Who feed the hungry media with something to tweet.
Pity! Our own society turned to a jungle of freaks
Where the rich and the powerful prey on the weak
And the poor have lost the mouth to bleat.

We live in a society so confused and merciless
Where lawmakers feed and breed lawlessness
And the poor wine and dine on starvation and sickness.
The human in us is dried, scattered and blown away,
The doors of good morals shut, windows of greed is the new way,
The heroism of good heart is zeroed to nothing,
The 'key elements' degraded to 'mean elements' of the society
And the quality of good leadership is nothing but atrocity.

Isn't it a high time we uproot weeds of greed?
And plant seeds and trees of love and concern.
We have allowed our selfish egos to lead us for far too long.
Perhaps it's time to allow Allah back into our lives.

By: Abdallah Hudu Maiga
        (Maiga De poet).

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