Fellow Students,

As we are in the long vacation, It is undeniable that most of us engage in internship/attachment or personal businesses to make some tokens before lectures resume.

To those doing their internship, it provides them the opportunity to build and equip themselves with employable skills and prepares them towards the future .

In as much as majority of the companies do not pay the interns which I believe is the norm, It's necessary to consider the bigger picture of the essence of internship and how it contributes to our growth.
It is an opportunity to acquire some knowledge about the corporate world and we need to consider few things:

 Be cautious of the following:
 1. Do not engage in any corrupt act or collaborate with anyone to perform that act, it has a tendency of destroying your integrity.

 2. Follow simple instructions and display respect with confidence

 3. Never compromise on your values and integrity; integrity they say speak!*

Yes, amidst the difficulty, still exhibit good behavior and attitude of hard work, also Excel in all areas given you with good heart.

 To my colleagues involved in personal businesses; I say ayekoo! 
Keep it up and keep pushing hard , it will surely pay off dearly .

 To my friends in the Adidas gallery, I have you covered.
Don't just sleep, get yourself busy with something, read books that will build you, exercise, and let's assist our parents/ guardians.

 I wish you all the best during this vacation and hope to see you strong and healthy next semester.
                               Thank you 
 © Mark Amam🇬🇭
(Student Activist) 


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