Many of us want to be great in life.
We want to Achieve and accomplish our destinies.
We want the best man or woman as a husband or wife. We want the best cars, houses, etc. Above all we want power and influence.

The problem, however, is how to get to that height we dream of. How to fulfill our God-given destinies.
This problem leads many of us to settle for the counterfeit instead of the original. You ask me howšŸ¤·‍♂? Now let me tell you this "there is counterfeit of every good thing here on earth".
And before God presents you with the Original, the devil brings you a counterfeit first.

Now let me tell you a story in the Bible of a young man called Joseph. Bible says Joseph dreamt that he will be greater than all his siblings. His dream fueled jealousy and hatred from his brothers. They sold him into Slavery.
Joseph was a servant in the house of a high ranking officer of Pharaoh called Potiphar.
Bibles say Potiphar's wife lust after Joseph and attempted to sleep with him. She promised Joseph a comfortable life and a lot of goodies if he will satisfy her sexual desires. She also threatened him of the consequences of refusing her.
Bible says Joseph flee from her. He chose morality above Comfort and goodies.
Potiphar's wife lied against Joseph and he was sent to Prison. That was his punishment for choosing morality above comfort.
But in that Prison lays Joseph true Destiny and Purpose. In that Prison lays the true manifestation of Josephs dreams. In that Prison lays Josephs elevation.
To cut the long story short Joseph was brought out of Prison and become the second in command to Pharoah the king. He was the Prime minister of Egypt.

To many of us, we would have slept with Potiphar's wife. We would have even seen it as a breakthrough. Because it looked like our long-awaited solution to our Problems.
But Joseph knew that was not his original Destiny and accepting it with all the goods that come with it, is only the counterfeit of his Original.

Look at yourself, your life are you not settling for the counterfeit instead of the Original.
In our Relationships, marriages, education, works, etc. Are you settling for a counterfeitšŸ˜³?.

As the popular saying goes "Not all that glitters is gold".

Let's know this
1. Counterfeit normally comes on a silver plater but Originals are always the result of Hard work plus grace.
2. Counterfeits normally appears when we are in difficulties and need help. But original comes when we are true with our battles.
3. Counterfeits come in our desperate moments....but Original comes at the right moments.
3. Counterfeits come to give temporally satisfaction but Original gives an everlasting fulfillment.
4. Counterfeits are shortcuts in life.... but original is the full journey plus Grace
5. Counterfeits cannot withstand the test of time.... but Original will is forever.

These are some of the things in life that causes us to settle for counterfeits

The first is Fraustration and Desperation: "Am old and I need to get married". Am sure you have heard a lot of people especially ladies say these. These particular saying has made a lot of people enter into Counterfeit Marriages. They couldn't wait for their Original Marriages. They have settled for anything just because they feel Frustrated.

"I am growing and needs to make Money at all cost. After all, we shall all die". This is more popular among guys and men.
Many follow this desperation and steal from their Bosses because they feel they have to make money at all cost.
Many have even sold their souls to the devil. They kill and do all manner of things just for money.

The Second is......... 
Watch out for part 2
By king Machris


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