Kevin Durant who plays for the Golden State Warriors as the teams starting forward came out of the western conference semi finals game 1 with a calf injury. His injury status was not communicated properly by the GSW team and all that the rest of the basketball world kept hearing was that, was likely to play next game or next two games but KD never did.
Up until the ultimate finals game 2, Kevin Durant met the GSW team when they were exiting the court at the end of the game, and he had ice wrapped around his calf.
Unfortunately, the warriors went on to lose games 3 and 4 against the Toronto Raptors.
Rumors surrounding the NBA was that, KD was trapped in a confusing dilemma which made him to come back earlier than he was supposed to. Truth or not, KD played game 5 and came out in the second quarter with a very bad injury which turned out to be an Achilles injury.

Now let’s break this down very quickly ;
The bottom line being that Kevin Durant is almost thirty years old and was playing in his prime, is a big issue when it comes to an Achilles injury. Paul George broke his leg in the shin area back in 2015 and was able to make a good come back in 2017 and went on to become a great All-Star player but he was very young at that time (24 years).
After your prime as a sports man your body is slow to heal and also very difficult to learn new skills.
Now looking at the fact that an Achilles injury could put Kevin Durant out for the next 12 months, ( at least) its everyone’s Prayer that he comes back stronger .

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