The Founder of Lockvin Limited has observed that 7 out of 10 cars listed for sale in Ghana have been in an accident.

Mr. Kofi Agyapong says for many years, a lot of Ghanaians have been buying used cars at garages and roadside without knowing exactly what state the car was in when it was imported. So to help car buyers and dealer in knowing the actual condition of the cars on the market, Lockvin Limited has developed a mobile app called HUCA or Homeusedcar.

What is HUCA

HUCA is an automobile information service offering the ability to check the condition and state of used vehicles, cars, motorcycles, etc. HUCA aggregates historic information and events such as accident, reported stolen vehicles, mileage and odometer status, flood damage, mechanical damages, structural defects, fire and burns, and other critical damages and then informs the user if vehicle is clean or accident.

This service is been made possible from a strong partnership with about thirty (30) private, government and regulatory institution aggregating over 5 million records. The service is available from the mobile app in Android and iOS versions as HUCA or Homeusedcar and from the Internet

Mr Agyapong said, “If vehicle is accident HUCA present to the user 10 images of the accident, damage type, odometer reading and status, auction history, condition of the vehicle, safety recall information and many more.”

The HUCA App will greatly help the general public and normal used car buyers by saving them of trouble cars, avoiding hidden damages, high repairs cost, risk of driving poorly repaired accident cars, driving without proper airbags or non - existent air bags.

Who Needs HUCA

He explained that HUCA is purposefully designed for everyone who needs and uses information about vehicles. In particular individual used car consumer who needs to know the condition of the car before purchasing, the banks, and insurance companies. 

According to Kofi Agyapong, HUCA will help insurance companies to know and assess the state and condition of the vehicle in processing insurance underwriting transactions and contracts.

This He said, would help in dealing with the many instances where fraudster buy a total loss vehicle, register the vehicle, and then buy insurance. “Typically, the insurer will not inspect the vehicle during the underwriting processes. The insured will later file an accident claim for loss which did not occur within the jurisdiction of the insurer.” He said.

Banks, savings and loans can also use HUCA services to conduct their risk assessments before approving loans and other transactions where vehicles are used as collateral. “For instance someone may use a flood car for a loan collateral. On defaulting payment the redeeming entity may actually claim a damaged vehicle which cannot be driven or sold.” He added.

For commercial banks who give car loans to its staff HUCA services will offer a reasonable assurance about the vehicle the staff wants to buy. It can be included in the staff car loan processes to check the history of the car before committing to buy.

The User Experience

The HUCA App is a simple tool to use on the phone. Whoever is buying or selling the car has to type in the VIN, or CHASIS. The app will then give a brief information about the car such as make, model, year, trim and engine capacity. Users are actually astonished and happy to use the application because HUCA gives you all that you need to make a decision. For the user experience, our mobile apps is well designed with great and simple user interfaces.

Report is summarized to give user ease of understanding and with additional tips to make meaning of the information available. HUCA is constantly working to improving the quality of its services, information and information types on offer to its clientele. Checking the condition of a used car with HUCA before you buy can save you thousands of cedis, give you peace of mind by avoiding hidden damages and flood cars, and safer transport for yourself and family.

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