Whether you like it or not, this government is poised on building a national cathedral. To quote the President, He said: " I am building a house for the Lord". The President's words reminds us of David in the Bible who was poised on building a temple for the Lord.
I just want to express my view which I know will not change anything but history will account of it.
Do we really need a national cathedral as a nation? A country that is being swallowed with filth, a country that people lose their lives because of floods, a country where school children still study under trees, a country where graduates are unemployed, a country whose roads are bad and have no access to potable drinking water in the rural areas. I could go on and on, yet we see a national cathedral as our ultimate priority.
Nothing saddens my heart than the men of God that are in support of this agenda. I was saddened when I heard the Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, a man I hold in high esteem strongly defending the building of the National Cathedral and calling all those against it as people who belonged to the opposition party. That was how trivial the man of God could reduce the subject too.
One beautiful dawn, I opened my radio to joy FM to have morning devotion only to hear the man of God praying fervently against all those opposing the national cathedral. I simply think it is a shame.
I think Christianity is simply loosing it's value. Men of God are shunning away from the principal values of Christianity that were witnessed and recorded in the book of Acts. I clearly do not see the importance of a national cathedral because our bodies are the temple of the Lord and not buildings. Gone are the days where God lived in turbnacles and Arch. We need to get serious as a country, there is absolutely no need for a national cathedral for us as a nation at this point in time. We should set our priorities right as a nation. Ghana has so much to offer the world if only the right things are done. God bless us all and God bless our homeland Ghana.
Author: King MaChris

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