I woke up one morning only to hear the Government announcing a policy they term a Ghana beyond Aid. The policy sounds good in the ears of many. I heard someone saying "this was the plan of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana".
But this policy, as usual, has remained only in words. In fact, Government actors on several occasions have had cause to re-explain what the Government meant by Ghana beyond Aid, given conflicting statements.

And many have had cause to worry about why the policy was not been translated into action. But for me I'm  not surprised at all.

How on Earth can we be thinking of a Ghana beyond Aid when what we should be thinking of is a Ghana beyond Witchcraft.
For me, that is the basis of our Problems as  Ghanaians.

We live in a country where the prayer of the opposition is that Government policies fail, and also a scandal should hit the Government,that will make government unpopular so they can come to power.  This is what I call witchcraft.
We are in a Country where the prayer of the Media is a scandal rocking the Government or opposition so they can have something to talk about for weeks. This is what I call witchcraft.
We live in a Country where things meant for the poor like scholarships etc will be kept by the rich that have been charged to make sure it gets to the poor. This is what I call Witchcraft.
A country where people will love their political parties more than their country and are ready to destroy the country just for their parties to come to power.
A country where party executives will be planning to insult and rundown people at their communication meetings.
A country where the state will be training it's party people to use them on election day to protect the ballot box.
A country where we have more than 110 ministers but our problems are increasing by the day.
A country where civil servant will be stealing from the state.
A country where churches and mosque are situated at almost every conner but corruption is on the rise.
A country where Pastors drive in huge cars whiles the offering payers continue to wallow in poverty.
A country where the state will be using the security institutions to Persecute its opponent.
A country where vigilante groups can do anything they want and go free because their party is in power.
A country where one must lose his job because there is a change of government.
A country where MPs  in parliament disagree on almost everything except what is in their common interest as MPs.
A country where Only Families and Friends are appointed into Positions.
A country were a minister will be happy Annoucing why the state will not Prosecute a forigner who is destroying our land and forest, saying it wont make him happy. When citizens are jailled for even lesser offenses.
I can go on and on. And if all these are not acts of witchcraft then tell me what it is?
Until we begin to deliver ourselves from  these acts of Witchcrafts, we will continue to suffer as a country.

We need a country where the Government and the opposition will both sit down and work for the common good of our country

We need a country where the arms of Government will truly be independent.
We need a country where the youth will not be used as political weapons against Opponents.
We need a Country beyond Witchcraft.

#Ghana First
#Ghana Beyond Witchcraft
# King Machris


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