For immediate release:
The administration of Fingers Foundation would like to inform our partners and the general public that the name of the foundation has been changed.
Fingers Foundation, after undergoing formalities, has considered rebranding in order to reflect the core objective of their foundation, as well as to create a solid image for the organisation. Henceforth, KidAid Society is the new name of this foundation.
KidAid Society has been duly registered with Registrar of Companies as stipulated under Act 179 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.
The intent of this organisation still stands thus to seek the welfare of children by providing basic amenities to create a productive future for them and for the nation. We also use this opportunity to thank our partners, members and the general public for their donations and support. We are counting on your continuous support so together we create better ideas and projects to help children, the future of our nation.
KidAid Society.........Hand in hand for a beautiful life.

Contact the administration of KidAid society:
You can also send them a message on instagram: KidAid Society

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