Among thousands, it's you i select.
For you, thousands i will gladly reject.
Cos you are the happiness my heart detects.
I know choosing you is very right and correct
Cos from the darkest corner your beauty reflects.
Thus, starting a life with you i won't regret.
Give me your heart, i promise to protect .
Come and confide in me, your presence i will respect.
the green leaf that gives me new shade.
the red rose that beautifies my heart .
the cold rain that wash away my tears.
the blue cloud that gives me new hope.
the sweet joy that drives away my pain.
the mirror that reflects my pride.
with you,beautiful change starts.
i feel real happiness
when i get close to you.

i feel real love
when i fall for you.
i feel satisfied and excited
when i talk with you.
I am loving the change.
that start with you.
By: Abdallah Hudu Maiga
  (Maiga de poet)

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