In the 15th century, the first Europeans arrived on the shores of a land that they referred to as the gold coast, this is because the land was rich in gold and also provided a good route for trading activities across the sub-region. The state of the country before the arrival of the Europeans is one that needs to be revisited. I’ve read of uncivilized societies that were met who practiced certain customs that we now tag as outmoded. I’ve read of how superstitious my ancestors were.
Maybe I don’t fully understand what it means to be uncivilized or inhumane, forgive me for I’m an Asante, my forefathers were fighting the Europeans for a long time so they were kind of the last to learn English, my problem might be genetic. But can you call a society that can come together to move from one territory to another as uncivilized, people who had to even fight others to possess those new territories? It is recorded that when the Portuguese arrived in 1471, most of the ethnic groups were still securing their territories. It amazes me how we still fail to recognize the similarity, a group of people leave their country and discover new land and then they fight others off to establish their territories (colonies in the case of the Europeans).
The various ethnic were ruled by Kings and Chiefs maybe that is why the Europeans were superior to them. Funny right because the Europeans were also ruled by kings and queens so how can it be said we were worse off. I believe it was our religion, maybe that was why the missionaries came because the African Traditional Religion taught our forefathers to make sacrifices. They, therefore, made sacrifices of animals and in rare and very delicate situations Human sacrifice. Maybe the news of Tweneboa Kodua sacrificing himself for his people to be victorious in battle necessitated the need for the introduction of God who accepted burnt offerings and tithes, who saved the whole world by giving his only begotten son to be sacrificed.
I could be wrong about the points above, maybe our forefathers were not given the respect they deserve because they had not made scientific exploits like the Europeans. The superstitions that made them call some forests and water bodies forbidden was the reason. Preventing people from farming, hunting, and fishing in certain areas might be why. If I may ask don’t we still do the same now to protect our forest, water bodies and endangered species?
There is one thing I know, how people we think of our forefathers is due to the fact we are still blind to how similar our forefathers were to the Europeans. STAY WOKE.

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