The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
Most people may not be aware but in one way or the other we lack freedom. We lack the will to do as we please or to act openly to the world what we truly have within. One way or the other we are trapped in our own fantasies that may be too extreme or too shallow to present to the world. 
I believe every one who is anyone has that urge to be free and to express their fantasies, I know I want such a freedom . If I was ever asked what made me feel free ?
To know that someone next door cares for humanity as much as I do is freedom.
To be able to present myself as what I truly am 
That urge to be noticed and praised for your little contribution is freedom 
The feeling of knowing that you are not being lied to is freedom 
Freedom comes in all forms and ways yet it all   seek one thing, and that is to let go off. 
“Don’t hold me back”, some expressions of men who want to pursue their goals. Not being able to express yourself or pursue your intended goal feels like shackles around your ankles and wrists holding you in place and keeping you like a rabid dog looking to break free. It hurts not to be free.
If it were in my power, I would do my best so that mankind can feel free yet absolute freedom can also be dangerous and damaging. There is the cry to let go of modern day slavery were mankind is in one way or the other trapped by boundaries, rules and regulations that limits us. Harmless freedom of expression is all the world wants yet it seems to be too difficult to achieve .


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