Is the devil scared of his evil? 

Why do we brag and boast When our integrity can be bought with goat ? Aren't we ashamed wearing that costly coat When truly we are wolves in sheep's coat? Do we perceive our crimes will never float? Oh no! the salty sea will abort them as they begin to bloat And the winding waves will drive them ashore like boat. Where is your honour oh Mr honourable in coat? So for few dollars you broke a sacred oath? Where is your senseless brains oh Mr owner of fleets? So to corruption and greed you raise a cup of toast? Integrity is mocked by the African devil as we close our moat. Oh Mr leader !Can I point my weak finger at you for once? Where is your sense of patriotism? You sold your nation for a small price? Oh no Mr Judas that's a little price. For few million dollars you sold Christ. Hmmm! To all the thieves in disguise Anas will catch you by surprise And your blood will run cold like ice. Bravo to the ace journalist Mr Anas Don't be discouraged by their evil remarks And don't bother yourself with what they ask. The greedy and stingy mind likens your task To a poisonous seed in a scary husk But the loving hearts respect your task. Bravo once again for the evils you unmask. Thumb up to the unknown face behind that mask.
By: Abdallah Hudu Maiga
       (Maiga De poet)

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