Nyumu fo we ya- krobo, Nutsu m3 fa datsio- Ewe,Mmerima Nsu --Akuapem, Mbanyin Nsu-- Fanti, Ndị ikom anaghị akwa ákwá-igbo, maza ba su kuka - hausa, amadoda angakhali -zuulu,l es hommes ne pleurent pas - French,awọn ọkunrin ko kigbe - yoruba, Barima nnsu- Asante Twi, varume havangachemi-shona
All around the world men are taught not to cry, some cultures view it as a sign of weakness while others teach that the man should be the one that carries the burden of the family. Thus, the man must lend a shoulder for others to cry on but what happens when the man wants to cry? “If a guy says, well my sense of being a man means that I can’t disclose any vulnerabilities, because that will make me look weak, if something [like depression] does come up, what do I do with that? I have to keep it to myself,” says John Oliffe, founder and lead investigator of the Men’s Health Research program at UBC.
"Men are not emotional", this statement is completely false. Men are just as emotional as women. They feel just as much but unfortunately they are socialised not exhibit emotions. Researchers opine that the number of depressed women is twice that of men yet a lot more men comit sucide compared to women, "men’s symptoms of depression may be different than women’s. Instead of crying more, for example, Oliffe’s research has shown that increased anger, risk taking, irritability and substance abuse might be more common signs of depression in men. “Men will talk about not being able to sleep, about back pain, but they won’t say they’re feeling sad and incompetent,” says Julie Campbell, executive director of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. (Vanessa Milne, Joshua Tepper & Jeremy Petch, 2017)"
According to the world health organisation, close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Majority of the victims being men. Keep this in mind the next time you tell a man not to cry. Save a brothers life today, provide a shoulder for him to cry on, listen to his problems and help him solve them.

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