We made it to the twelfth month the year once again and as many I'm grateful to the lord. December isn't just the month in which we get to celebrate the birth of a savior and make merry but it also serves as a time to reflect on all activities that we engaged in during the year and make plans for the next year.
Writing a new year resolution is an important feature of this season, before you go ahead and write yours, take note of the following
The new year does not come with some magical success and goodness. The opportunities and successes will only be available to those who have positioned themselves well to access it. The question therefore is are you well positioned? I get sad when I hear people say, things will get better next year. What have you put in place to ensure that things really do get better? How do you expect to get a job when you've not even applied for one or get a promotion when you've not added any value to yourself? The new year will definitely come but will you enter it with something new or the same old you?
Have you ever reviewed your resolution at the end of a year and felt unsatisfied? May be you have maybe you haven't but to avoid that feeling set goals that can be measured. It can be time bound or in terms of results, this will help you to focus and also gives the satisfaction when the goal is met. Note that your resolution or goals should not be about the things you don't want but those you want, for instance " I don't want an F in my exam" is not a good goal  because it is not challenging enough an accomplishing d goal will not necessarily bring you satisfaction. Getting an E means the goal has been achieved, but will that satisfy you?
People have been where you are and have done what you are planning to do, so ask for advice from such people. why burden yourself when people can easily help you accomplish your goals? Don't be scared to seek advice when the need arises
Take note that you resolution must be time bound, it must not necessarily be a year but give yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish your goals and when that time is up, evaluate if you have been able to accomplish your goals

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